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Re-Define What's Possible

Our clients come to us to disrupt markets -- or to create entirely new ones. Through collaboration we're able to understand their unique objectives and match our engineering talent, technology resources, and essential project management to transform their visions into reality.

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Human Augmentation

Unleashing human potential and experience in the digital age.

As digital innovation explodes, the interface between people and the digital world is undergoing an equally impactful transformation. Whether you aspire to launch a breakthrough product or to significantly improve your operating efficiency, the latest in sensing, machine learning, and user interfaces will enable you to capitalize on the game-changing trends of human augmentation.

Connected Ecosystems

Harnessing the IoT Revolution to transform businesses

We live in a world undergoing a digital revolution—one of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data—creating opportunities for digitization and new service-based business models. Synapse architects, integrates, and delivers connected systems that seamlessly blend hardware and software, including aspects touching every part of the ecosystem such as security, connectivity, and algorithms.

Robotics & Automation

Pushing the Boundaries of Productivity

The renaissance in AI is fundamentally changing our perception of what machines can do. Innovative companies are exploring ways to gain a competitive edge by automating tasks and increasing the productivity of workers and consumers. We specialize in developing transformative machines and robots that handle challenging tasks and environments.

Multi-Disciplinary Experts